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Labor Law

We offer services concerning all types of labor disputes in compliance with local laws and regulations.

Corporate Law

From legal counseling, support and company assistance, Nefaro covers all aspects of the corporate world.

Immigration Cases

We assist on international cases regarding immigration rules, employment claims and visa application.

Dispute & Litigation

Manned by experienced lawyers, Nefaro offers litigation assessment, dispute solution and court representation.


“Full legal services with high level of local and international expertise. .”

Nefaro is a legal consultancy firm providing all forms of judicial assistance for both local and international clientele bounded by trust, honesty, professionalism and transparency.

1990, Initial Consultancy Services

Originally established in 1990, Nefaro first started as a basic legal consultancy company. It aims to provide high quality but competitively priced services for the      people needing legal assistance.

The lack of available firms in the area push Mr. Albar Khan, our founder, to finally open its doors to the public in June 1990. Thru years of hard work and immense staff dedication, Nefaro slowly become the go-to-place for those seeking for premium but affordable legal services.

2000, Expansion of Legal Team

Upon working with various government institutions and multi-national companies, Nefaro decided to expand its legal team to provide variety of services.

From basic legal advices, the firm broaden its scope to include visa consultancy and immigration services. Other areas of practice are equally strengthened by        hiring professional lawyers and attorneys specializing on those subjects.

2018, Reaching International Markets

Establishing a name in the industry, Nefaro constantly receives multiple requests from various international companies and clients to offer legal assistance on              their native country. We then express our interest and took another step by tapping the international market.

Reaching as far as Asia and United States, the firm strongly believes that distance shouldn’t be a concern when it comes to extending help and offering noble                services to those in need.

Practice Areas & Services :

Litigation & Arbitration
Banking and Finance
Intellectual Property
Dispute Resolution
Employment & Immigration
Commercial & Corporate
Visa & International Law
  • How can I avail your free consultation offer?

    Receiving a free consultation from our professional lawyers is easy. All you need to do is to complete the form below and provide all the needed information regarding your case. You will then receive an email from us or a call from one of our representatives.

  • Who are the people behind Nefaro?

    The company only hires professionally qualified lawyers and attorneys who are registered in accordance to county of practice. Along with legal personnel, we also employ staff members, support team and admin work force which is essential for smooth operations.

  • Do you provide legal services for international clients?

    Yes, since the beginning of 2018, we have expanded our services to cater international clients. Nefaro has a specialized team of lawyers and attorneys who are highly experienced when it comes to international law. Thus, rest assured that country-specific regulations are strictly followed.

  • Can you guarantee full client confidentiality?

    Every consultation made with us is kept confidential – regardless if it’s free or paid service. Nefaro always respect client privacy and all information given to us are considered “classified”. We will never share, divulge or publish your data at any given point during and after the process.

  • Fast and affordable service.

    “They helped me with my visa processing and everything went on smoothly without a hitch. Their services are way more affordable compared to others offering the same assistance.”
    Tori Juan
  • Legal experts are friendly and honest.

    “I had a huge problem with my divorce papers and being tied from work restraints me from fixing my documents. Finally, they fixed everything and even helped me with the legal steps.”
    Catherine Levine
  • No problem with student visa.

    “Was denied several times with student visa and losing hope, called them and stated my purpose to take masters on that country. In few weeks, everything was settled and visa GRANTED!”
    Joshua Garry
  • Working permit issues and requirements.

    “One agency duped me with my working visa, I asked Nefaro if they can help me apply for another working visa. They guide me with my requirements and process my papers until approval.”
    Lisa Sebron
  • Title transfer assistance went smoothly.

    “I need to transfer a lot title from my mother’s name to my name and looking for legal assistance. Mr. Paul helped me legalized the title transfer without spending too much money.”
    Dean Falik

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