Because the different laws on immigration are rapidly changing, it can be a challenge for any company to keep up their strict compliance of these provisions. It’s important to make sure that management dedicates time and energy to manage a global workforce properly, and to follow all immigration laws in the process, no matter where your business or branch expansion may be headquartered.

While most governments will have organizations that can assist employees when it comes to employment laws on immigration, you—as the employer—need to do due diligence on the compliance rules to avoid getting caught with a violation during inspections. Regular compliance checks may be mandatory in your area, and violations can lead to costly penalties and can even cause your business to get shut down.

It’s crucial then to follow these best practices to make sure that you steer clear of these violations to keep your company running for years and years to come.

  1. Stay updated on immigration employment laws, and get the timing right.

Does your local area require you to do certain types of background checks on your employees? Do you need certain required paperwork for immigration? What approvals are in order? Do you have particular percentages of diversity that you need to fulfill in the company? The changing times will dictate the different immigration laws you need to follow, which is why staying current on the laws is crucial.

Not only does this mean that you as the business owner should know the ins and outs of the immigration laws, but it also means that the employees and applicants themselves must be knowledgeable as well. Be sure to conduct regular in-house training sessions on immigration requirements to make sure that your employees are updated on the requirements they may or may not need to submit. This will protect your workforce from compliance violations and save you from paying penalties as well.

  1. Know the schedule of the whole visa application process.

Knowing when to file and what to file in order to process visas and other required documents for your employees and applicants will spell the difference between success and failure when it comes to immigration compliance. You wouldn’t want to be penalized for missing a deadline, or have your best employee terminated because of a missing requirement or two. It is your responsibility to know what the government needs from you so that you can continue to operate without a hitch.

  1. Do self-audits and provide training.

Your employees should be trained on how to handle random immigration inspection in case it ever happens. Have written inspection guidelines, as well as proper documentation for foreign nationals that they can easily access when the paperwork is requested. Do periodic self-audits to make sure people are following immigration rules internally. Remind people that there is a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of immigration fraud in your company. That way, you can be sure everyone in your company is ready when the time comes for an audit.

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